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Our Service Pillar : Language Services

Having multicultural teams and clients from various parts of the world, businesses require a high-quality and reliable localization services partner to bridge the gaps in communication.

With more than a decade of experience in the localization industry, Verztec has invested in a full-time team that focuses 100% of their time on vendor management and built up an extensive database of native, in-country linguistic resources located in various parts of the world, having the capability of supporting more than 100 languages.

This team is responsible for recruiting and certifying new vendors according to their areas of industry expertise, developing long-term vendor relationships and ensuring the most competitive price based on the volumes we can provide as a leader in the industry.

When engaged to manage a project, a project team that consists of a tenured, experienced Localization Project Manager, an Account Manager as well as a Multimedia Project Manager will be set up.

The project team employs our proven ISO 9001:2015 Certified project management methodology, which includes the daily auditing of activities, schedules, and deliverables to ensure consistent, measured results.

Verztec can competently assist you in various aspects of multilingual communications.

Our Services include:

  1. Skilled Translation, Editing and Proofreading into over 100 languages across 26 industry sectors
  2. Transcreation
  3. Multilingual Desktop Publishing
  4. Multilingual Content Development
  5. Onsite and Conference Interpretation
  6. Multilingual Staffing Solutions
  7. Multilingual Voice-overs
  8. Web Localization and Testing
  9. Video Localization and Subtitling
  10. Software Localization and Testing
  11. Multilingual Audio Transcription
  12. Multilingual Brand Management
  13. Internationalization
  14. Globalization Consulting
  15. Terminology and Translation Memory Management

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